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Programs of the Foundation PROJAN


Programs targeted to those in need

W ramach dziąłalności Fundacji prowadzone są programy w ramach których wspierane są rodziny, starsze osoby i dzieci.


Projekt ma realizować działania na rzecz wszechstronnego rozwoju społeczeństwa polskiego oraz walki z wykluczeniem społecznym, zwłaszcza w takich obszarach jak ochrona zdrowia, opieka i pomoc społeczna, oświata i wychowanie.

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Projekt ma realizować działania na rzecz wszechstronnego rozwoju społeczeństwa polskiego oraz walki z wykluczeniem społecznym, zwłaszcza w takich obszarach jak ochrona zdrowia.

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W zakresie programu PROsenior realizowane są trzy projekty: „Senior w Kulturze", „Senior Wie Więcej" oraz „Senior w Lokalu".

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DZIAŁALNOŚĆ - ostatnia aktywność

  • Ograniczenie działalności Fundacji
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    Szanowni Państwo!

    Z uwagi na ograniczenie działalności Fundacji, uprzejmie prosimy o skontaktowanie się mailowo z Fundacją pod adresem: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. celem ustalenia formy pomocy na rzecz wybranej przez Państwa osoby. Obecnie bowiem Fundacja nie jest w stanie pośredniczyć w finansowaniu terapii, ale możliwe są inne sposoby pomocy naszym podopiecznym. Dziękujemy.

  • A cruise on the Vistula River

    On the 9th of August 2018, we took a group of our Seniors on board of the "Different Story"ship, on a cruise on the Vistula River. We started from the “Kurier” marina, on the boulevard of Jan Karski in Warsaw and sailed in the direction of Mokotów (Warsaw district), passing on the way, among others, the “Świętokrzyski” Bridge and the “Kolejowy” Bridge. During an hour cruise our Seniors could admire the beautiful panorama of the city from the perspective of the Vistula River. The cruise was organized by the “Vistula for Warsaw” Foundation, which organizes free cruises on the Vistula River during the summer season. The project is co-financed by the Capital City of Warsaw. Soon, the second group of Seniors will be on that cruise. They are looking forward to boarding.


  • Szymon’s speech therapy

    Our foundation pays 75 PLN for every Szymon’s speech therapy which takes place twice a week and lasts 45 minutes. Szymon communicates with others using single voices and simple vocalizations. He can say “mom” and “dad” and he understands all the commands. The boy has been deferred from school duty so far, he attends to integrated preschool three times a week, where he has sensory integration classes, early development support classes, rehabilitation, speech therapy and occupational therapy. Szymon moves alone in an active wheelchair. He also uses a suit for uprightness.

  • Sia’s autoimmune encephalitis

    In February 2018 Siia was diagnosed with autoimmune encephalitis. Characteristic for this disease are multilevel disorders of the limbic system, brain stem, cerebellum, spinal cord, sensory root of the spinal nerve and intestinal muscularis. The girl is treated with steroids, thanks to which the inflammation should slowly disappear. All the time Sia continues pedagogical therapy due to her difficulties in building social relations and other disorders resulting from childhood autism.


  • Baccalaureate in a year

    Tomek and Wojtek attend already the second grade of high school. The foundation continues to finance their English course. 

    Tomek intends to pass the exam in extended mathematics and English and basic German. He would like to study economics at the Warsaw School of Economics. Thanks to our foundation's support, he is not worried about English language exam, but he would like to continue this education next year to get certified. Tomek is the best in English in his class. He learns German also. 

    Wojtek attends a biology and chemical class; he does not know what he wants to study yet, but it's definitely something in this direction. The boy had two eye surgeries, then he had rehabilitation. He has problems with thyroid -  he is diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease, he has spine curvature disorders and flat feet.

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