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PROzdrowie - Franciszek Z

PROzdrowie - Franciszek Z (2)

Friday, 24 August 2018 08:57
The May holidays 2018 at Franek's place

This year, Mrs. Dorota, Franek’s mother, managed to buy him a bicycle with a special trailer for the disabled people. So that, he spent the May holidays on traveling together with his mother in the surrounding towns. In addition, the boy makes a lot of progress in communication with the environment. It is very difficult because, as we know, Franek does not say, he can not even point out what he would like due to his physical limitations. However, the cybereye helps him a lot. This is the device through which Franek can provide information by looking at the screens.

Friday, 31 March 2017 14:46
Franciszek Z
Franciszek is 7 years old and suffers from hemimegalencephaly. This is a rare disease, consisting in genetic mutations, resulting in high brain asymmetry (one hemisphere is much larger than the other). 
Unfortunately its cause is not yet known and the current treatment is very radical - removing part or all of the affected hemisphere. The boy underwent such operation when he was eleven months old.
At the moment he don’t walk, don’t talk and he is completely dependent on others. Despite illness, he is a very cheerful boy and he is making great progress through the intensive therapy.
Our foundation subsidize his physiotherapy which is held
once a week.

KRS: 0000326507
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